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Configuring WinGate Client to work with VyPRESS software


The WinGate Internet Client (WGIC) runs on Windows 95, 98 or NT client machines on your network. Client machines are not directly connected to the Internet. WGIC enables these machines to access the Internet through WinGate as if they are directly connected. The client requires WinGate version 3.0 or later with WRP running.

It works like magic: the WinGate client connects all your local computers to the Internet over a single link! Unfortunately, this "magic" is not program friendly and can produce trouble for running applications such as VyPRESS software, including Vypress Messenger, Vypress Auvis, Vypress Chat and WinMessenger. Fortunately, the developers at offer an easy to use workaround in the WinGate Client. This Web page explains how to configure WinGate to work with VyPRESS software.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following steps briefly explain how to properly configure the WinGate Client:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" using the start button "Start"->"Settings"->"Control Panel".

  2. Double click the "WinGate Internet Client" WinGate Internet Client icon icon to open the applet.

  3. Click the "Applications" tab, click the Add button and add applications VM.EXE, VYC.EXE and AUVIS.EXE with the "Local network access only" option. Click Apply and close the dialog by clicking OK.

  4. Now you can run Vypress Messenger, Vypress Auvis or Vypress Chat trouble free. Enjoy your VyPRESS software!


PLEASE NOTE: This configuration of the WinGate Internet Client does not prevent Vypress Messenger or Vypress Auvis from sending or receiving messages through the WinGate Proxy Server. It merely switches off this unaccountable proprietary behavior of the WinGate Client.

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