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What is Vypress Auvis

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Vypress Auvis is a user-friendly, universal, one-way messaging client that runs in the system tray, allowing users to receive messages, network-wide alerts and broadcasts from network administrators. Auvis even provides e-mail notification.

Vypress Auvis is oriented toward the non-professional user. It fulfills the function of a message processor, but does not allow users to send messages. One of the key features in Auvis is the ability to disable one or all of the extra features (for example, closing the program) through special registry keys. If you are the administrator of a corporate LAN or WAN and are looking for broadcasting and unicasting services for a middle to large network, Auvis is the ideal program for you and your network!

Current version:
Monday, October 11, 2004
Client Platforms:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Supported protocols:
Any other via NETBIOS

Vypress Auvis can receive messages from Vypress Messenger (direct TCP messages plus UDP broadcasts), from WinPopup/Messaging Service (Windows NT/2000 or XP), from any Unix system that is SMB protocol enabled and from a NetWare ‘send’ command.

Vypress Auvis, written in Microsoft Visual C++, is efficient (uses 400 KB of RAM), fast and can be run under any Windows environment. Support for UDP broadcast messages includes a full set of security settings, including the ability to enable or disable messages from a specified IP-address or address mask. The user-friendly interface is incredibly popular with novice users.

Today, Auvis is the most unique program of its kind on the market. It is specially designed for one-way message processing and does not in any way alter the original, full-featured Vypress Messenger.

When vital information must be communicated across an entire organization, time is of the essence. How do you instantly deliver a spontaneous, important message to 10 people - or possibly 10,000 people - in today's dynamic business climate?

VyPRESS has addressed this important communication challenge with Vypress Auvis and Vypress Messenger, a software solution that makes one-way notification fast, easy and accurate. Simple one-click access utilizes text and sound to notify any group of users, across a network or around the world, of important events or emergency procedures that require immediate attention, response or action. Vypress Messenger can deliver thousands of instant alert messages to Auvis customers in seconds!

Notable customers of Vypress Auvis include NASA Headquarter, US Army Cecom, Dutch Parliament, Swedish Customs and many more. We hope to see your company in this great environment!

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